Constitution Day panel discusses institutional racism

By Jayne Yerrick For 7 minutes and 46 seconds, a police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck. This short amount of time left an innocent man dead and sparked a national outcry for justice. George Floyd, like so many people of color before him, was killed while being arrested. His death is just one upsetting example of a much broader issue: institutional racism.  Due to … Continue reading Constitution Day panel discusses institutional racism

Ecolunch: Undergrad research on flies

by Jayne Yerrick One of the most hated bugs is flies. They can be irritating pests that never seem to go away, however, flies offer more to the world than just an annoying buzz. Flies present both advantages and disadvantages to the environment. Three OU undergrads explored the behavior of flies and their impact on the environment at the Ecolunch seminar. Each Wednesday, professors and … Continue reading Ecolunch: Undergrad research on flies


by Jayne Yerrick Handcuffs, rope, blindfolds and whips. All of these are essential instructional tools for Nathan Hammerle.  Hammerle, an OU senior studying to be a history teacher, is a member of Power/Gamma, an organization whose mission is to educate people on health and lifestyle issues, including, but not limited to, sexual health, alcohol use, tobacco use and nutrition. One of Hammerle’s main roles in … Continue reading BDSM: IRL

Locking Up the Innocent

by Jayne Yerrick Raymond Towler is not a criminal. But he spent 29 years of his life behind bars.  Wrongfully convicted for the rape and kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl, Towler was given a life sentence in 1981. Unfortunately, stories like Towler’s are far too common.  The Innocence Project, a non-profit organization with the mission to free wrongfully convicted people from prison, conservatively estimates that … Continue reading Locking Up the Innocent

The Sociology Behind Halloween Fears

by Jayne Yerrick It is officially the spookiest season of the year, which means that costumed trick-or-treaters will soon flood the streets and go door to door, hoping for treats.  However, before kids can enter their sugar comas on the night of Halloween, it’s likely that their parents will first inspect the bags of candy (for reasons other than snatching some of their favorite sweets).  … Continue reading The Sociology Behind Halloween Fears

Religion as Mental Illness Treatment

by Jayne Yerrick Mental illness has consistently been an issue facing many Americans, yet it seems to be something that is difficult for people to talk about. Roughly 46 million Americans struggle with mental illness, so why is mental health rarely discussed? Rebekah Crawford, a visiting professor at Ohio University, is a health communication scholar that directly addresses mental health and examines its intersection with … Continue reading Religion as Mental Illness Treatment

Athens Takes Root Across the State

by Jayne Yerrick Being a party school and having a beautiful campus are two things that OU is perhaps best known for. The latter is perhaps an aspect of OU that Bobcats are most proud of, and with good reason. The greenery paired with the red bricks makes OU unlike many other college campuses. This picturesque scenery is put on full display on College Green, … Continue reading Athens Takes Root Across the State

No, You’re the Weird One: Bursting the Personal Space Bubble

by Jayne Yerrick “Is this seat taken?”  This is a question that many of us are familiar with. Someone will likely pop this question as a class fills up or a bus starts getting crammed, but why is this question out of place when there are plenty of open seats? We live in a society with a series of unspoken rules that guide our behavior, … Continue reading No, You’re the Weird One: Bursting the Personal Space Bubble