Society within Society

By Sianna Mills Throughout the ages, social media has not only taken up people’s time but has also formed into a variety of different societies in one. Society is described as a complex system with all parts working interdependently as well as working together while promoting stability at the same time. This is also how our social media platforms work. “Society [is a] continuous patterned … Continue reading Society within Society

Injustice and Hope: The East Cleveland Three

“One of the things about ordinary people is that they do lead extraordinary lives,” said Pierce Reed, policy coordinator of the Ohio Innocence Project.  Reed was specifically referencing the extraordinary lives of Eugene Johnson, Derrick Wheatt and Laurese Glover. These men, known as the East Cleveland Three, were wrongfully imprisoned in 1995 for two decades, only to be released in 2015. The three men recounted … Continue reading Injustice and Hope: The East Cleveland Three

Rock Bottom at the Top of Everest

by Katelyn Rousch At a recent event hosted by the Kennedy Lecture Series, National Geographic explorer and photographer Cory Richards opened up with Athens campus about his experiences, not just in his line of work, but with human struggles including anxiety, depression, and alcoholism. During his presentation, Richards described the trip to Everest where he decided to start opening up about the things he was … Continue reading Rock Bottom at the Top of Everest

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Village Bakery: A small village making a worldwide impact

by Anna Birk In 2002, Christine Hughes and Bob O’Neil opened Village Bakery, a place for residents and Ohio University students to thrive. Today, it has flourished into an eco-friendly community that provides locally sourced food and naturally powered energy.  Hughes came to Athens in 1995 with a friend who, at the time, was attending film school at OU. Through her waitressing job at Casa … Continue reading Village Bakery: A small village making a worldwide impact

What It Takes To Achieve Carbon Neutrality

By Elle Dickerman A typical summer morning on the Athens campus of Ohio University consists of warm sunshine, a few students making their way to class and the occasional runner enjoying the riverside bike path. But on June 23, 2015, a group of protestors gathered outside the Lausche Heating Plant west of campus with signs and passionate voices. The construction of a pipeline, which would … Continue reading What It Takes To Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Locking Up the Innocent

by Jayne Yerrick Raymond Towler is not a criminal. But he spent 29 years of his life behind bars.  Wrongfully convicted for the rape and kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl, Towler was given a life sentence in 1981. Unfortunately, stories like Towler’s are far too common.  The Innocence Project, a non-profit organization with the mission to free wrongfully convicted people from prison, conservatively estimates that … Continue reading Locking Up the Innocent

The Sociology Behind Halloween Fears

by Jayne Yerrick It is officially the spookiest season of the year, which means that costumed trick-or-treaters will soon flood the streets and go door to door, hoping for treats.  However, before kids can enter their sugar comas on the night of Halloween, it’s likely that their parents will first inspect the bags of candy (for reasons other than snatching some of their favorite sweets).  … Continue reading The Sociology Behind Halloween Fears