“Wasteland” Movie Review

By Claire Milano The catadores, like the garbage they picked, were forgotten; thrown away to be ignored and accumulate piles and piles of dirty gold. That is until Vik Muniz came to them. Muniz, an artist from Brazil living in Brooklyn, New York, recreates artwork using different mediums. What separates him from others in his line of work are the mediums he uses. Instead of … Continue reading “Wasteland” Movie Review

Wildlife Rehabilitation in an Unlikely Place

by Elizabeth Watkins Discovering the hidden gems in one’s community can help people gain insight into activities and programs that they may have never known existed. Similar to people, local businesses can be much more than they appear at first glance.  This is the case with Silver Serpent Exotic Gifts, a popular exotic gift shop on Court Street. They sell mostly smoking and e-cigarette accessories. … Continue reading Wildlife Rehabilitation in an Unlikely Place

Athens Came Together for Global Climate Strike

By Morgan Spehar Global Climate Strike As millions of people across the world skipped school and walked out of work to protest climate change and demand an end to fossil fuel use Friday, the Athens community did their part.  The international protest was part of the Fridays for Future campaign, a movement that encourages young people to walk out of school on Fridays to draw … Continue reading Athens Came Together for Global Climate Strike

Athens Takes Root Across the State

by Jayne Yerrick Being a party school and having a beautiful campus are two things that OU is perhaps best known for. The latter is perhaps an aspect of OU that Bobcats are most proud of, and with good reason. The greenery paired with the red bricks makes OU unlike many other college campuses. This picturesque scenery is put on full display on College Green, … Continue reading Athens Takes Root Across the State