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The Enduring Hope of Conservation: An Interview With Dr. Alex Dehgan

By Jack Knudson Conservationist Alex Dehgan set out for Afghanistan in 2006 with an ambitious goal: to help establish what would eventually become the country’s first national park, Band-e Amir National Park. During his time there, Dehgan discovered a rich history, stunning environments and a host of animal species worth saving.  Before traveling to Afghanistan, Dehgan questioned why certain species go extinct while others survive … Continue reading The Enduring Hope of Conservation: An Interview With Dr. Alex Dehgan

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Turning Pollution Into Paint

By Katelyn Rousch True Pigments developed a business model to revive the mine-crippled red creeks of southeastern Ohio. Community members have described the upwellings from old pump stations in Appalachia as everything from “tomato soup” to “orange kool-aid,” but the acid mine drainage, or AMD, is as drinkable as blood. The Truetown discharge, one of the worst sites in Ohio, bleeds iron-filled water too acidic … Continue reading Turning Pollution Into Paint

Ohio’s Strange Fruit – Science Cafe Fall 2020

By Morgan Spehar The Pawpaw Festival may have been canceled this year due to the coronavirus, but Ohio University’s Science Cafe series continued on Sept. 16 with food scientist Rob Brannon, who gave a virtual presentation on one of the most unusual fruits in Ohio: the pawpaw. Nicknamed the Appalachian apple, the Hoosier banana or any one of dozens of other monikers, the American pawpaw … Continue reading Ohio’s Strange Fruit – Science Cafe Fall 2020

Constitution Day panel discusses institutional racism

By Jayne Yerrick For 7 minutes and 46 seconds, a police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck. This short amount of time left an innocent man dead and sparked a national outcry for justice. George Floyd, like so many people of color before him, was killed while being arrested. His death is just one upsetting example of a much broader issue: institutional racism.  Due to … Continue reading Constitution Day panel discusses institutional racism

Society within Society

By Sianna Mills Throughout the ages, social media has not only taken up people’s time but has also formed into a variety of different societies in one. Society is described as a complex system with all parts working interdependently as well as working together while promoting stability at the same time. This is also how our social media platforms work. “Society [is a] continuous patterned … Continue reading Society within Society

Injustice and Hope: The East Cleveland Three

“One of the things about ordinary people is that they do lead extraordinary lives,” said Pierce Reed, policy coordinator of the Ohio Innocence Project.  Reed was specifically referencing the extraordinary lives of Eugene Johnson, Derrick Wheatt and Laurese Glover. These men, known as the East Cleveland Three, were wrongfully imprisoned in 1995 for two decades, only to be released in 2015. The three men recounted … Continue reading Injustice and Hope: The East Cleveland Three

Spotlight on OU Genomics Lab

In a science lab in Porter Hall at Ohio University, generations of lab equipment capable of sequencing billions of nucleotides of DNA is overlooked by scientific posters reminding researchers and lab technicians to “wipe up your whoopsie” and “protect your peppers.” The walls also hold “Gene expression” and “Bioinformatics” signs in multicolored bubble letters. This is the OU Genomics Facility.  Dr. Bill Broach, director of … Continue reading Spotlight on OU Genomics Lab