What It Takes To Achieve Carbon Neutrality

By Elle Dickerman A typical summer morning on the Athens campus of Ohio University consists of warm sunshine, a few students making their way to class and the occasional runner enjoying the riverside bike path. But on June 23, 2015, a group of protestors gathered outside the Lausche Heating Plant west of campus with signs and passionate voices. The construction of a pipeline, which would … Continue reading What It Takes To Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Happy Ohio Archeology Month!

by Katelyn Rousch Dr. Andrew Tremayne and Dr. Joseph Gingerich discuss the Ohio University Field School’s “old news” and dispel some misconceptions about what archeology is. October is a month of gorgeous fall weather, costumes, pumpkins and a burst of vibrant color as nature sunsets into winter. While candy corn and haunted houses may come to mind, most people don’t realize that October is also … Continue reading Happy Ohio Archeology Month!