Ohio’s Strange Fruit – Science Cafe Fall 2020

By Morgan Spehar The Pawpaw Festival may have been canceled this year due to the coronavirus, but Ohio University’s Science Cafe series continued on Sept. 16 with food scientist Rob Brannon, who gave a virtual presentation on one of the most unusual fruits in Ohio: the pawpaw. Nicknamed the Appalachian apple, the Hoosier banana or any one of dozens of other monikers, the American pawpaw … Continue reading Ohio’s Strange Fruit – Science Cafe Fall 2020

Weighing the Effects of UV Sunlight

by Anna Birk Ultraviolet, or UV, rays are a topic we often hear about during the summer, when it becomes a rarity to leave home without sunscreen.  What many people may not consider, however, is that radiation from ultraviolet light can be extremely harmful in the winter months as well. Likewise, many may not consider that there are three UV rays leaving the sun. The … Continue reading Weighing the Effects of UV Sunlight

Religion as Mental Illness Treatment

by Jayne Yerrick Mental illness has consistently been an issue facing many Americans, yet it seems to be something that is difficult for people to talk about. Roughly 46 million Americans struggle with mental illness, so why is mental health rarely discussed? Rebekah Crawford, a visiting professor at Ohio University, is a health communication scholar that directly addresses mental health and examines its intersection with … Continue reading Religion as Mental Illness Treatment

Painting a Better Landscape

by Hailee Sorensen At the first Science Cafe of the 2019 fall semester, Dr. Guy Riefler spoke about the contributions of his group to the water contamination crisis that is taking place just outside of the Athens Ohio University campus. Dr. Riefler has been a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering for OHIO since September 2000 and is currently the chair of this department. … Continue reading Painting a Better Landscape