Mossville Film Review

By Maddie Hellwig The second film in the Athena Cinema’s Fall Sustainability Series was “Mossville,” a haunting documentary about the fenceline community of Mossville, Louisiana. It follows two Mossville residents, Stacey Ryan and Erica Jackson, who struggle to fight for their community against big oil companies like Sasol. Mossville first served as a safe haven for freed slaves to escape racial violence after the end … Continue reading Mossville Film Review

The Condor and the Eagle Film Review

By Maddie Hellwig The Athena Cinema’s Fall Sustainability series kicked off on Sept. 9 with “The Condor and the Eagle,” directed by Clement and Sophie Guerra. It follows different Native American environmental activists on their journeys of connecting with other tribes and world leaders, all in an effort to preserve the environment and their homes from damaging oil companies. The film’s title is rooted in … Continue reading The Condor and the Eagle Film Review