The Revolution Generation Film Review

By Eren Crebs Millennials are the hero generation.  No, seriously. That’s what Neil Howe and William Strauss, demographers and authors of the book “Generations,” claim in the movie “The Revolution Generation,” which kicked off Ohio University’s Sustainability Series for the 2022-2023 school year.  Howe and Strauss explained the cyclical nature of generational experiences that fall into four main archetypes: the “hero,” the “artist,” the “prophet” … Continue reading The Revolution Generation Film Review

Confetti that Cares

By Emma Stefanick Confetti. Something so small and trivial that, for many, it goes unnoticed. But year in and year out, confetti makes its appearance on Ohio University’s campus.  For Era Bakia, a fourth-year student studying biology, confetti popped into the forefront of her mind after she began working for Ohio University Grounds Services. She noticed that there was a drastic influx of confetti litter … Continue reading Confetti that Cares

Rerouting the Hocking River: Did the River Take a Turn for the Worse

By Ellie Shanklin In 1968, 13-year-old Tebes Caul and his older brother were told by their father, “By no means do you go anywhere close to the floodwaters.” Disobeying this command, the two brothers playfully trudged through four-foot-deep water near their home in Athens, Ohio. They brought along their water-loving German shepard for a swim in the floodwaters of Richland Avenue.  “It was a bad … Continue reading Rerouting the Hocking River: Did the River Take a Turn for the Worse

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The Enduring Hope of Conservation: An Interview With Dr. Alex Dehgan

By Jack Knudson Conservationist Alex Dehgan set out for Afghanistan in 2006 with an ambitious goal: to help establish what would eventually become the country’s first national park, Band-e Amir National Park. During his time there, Dehgan discovered a rich history, stunning environments and a host of animal species worth saving.  Before traveling to Afghanistan, Dehgan questioned why certain species go extinct while others survive … Continue reading The Enduring Hope of Conservation: An Interview With Dr. Alex Dehgan

COVID-19 and Ohio University

The number of COVID-19 cases across Ohio and the United States are surging, and hospital admissions are spiking. However, Dr. Gillian Ice —Ohio University’s Special Assistant to the President for Public Health Operations—reported in her Nov. 3 weekly public health update that Ohio University campuses “continue to have relatively low numbers of positive COVID-19 test results from students and employees. [Also,] the rates in Athens County have come down from the high a couple of weeks ago.” Continue reading COVID-19 and Ohio University

Mossville Film Review

By Maddie Hellwig The second film in the Athena Cinema’s Fall Sustainability Series was “Mossville,” a haunting documentary about the fenceline community of Mossville, Louisiana. It follows two Mossville residents, Stacey Ryan and Erica Jackson, who struggle to fight for their community against big oil companies like Sasol. Mossville first served as a safe haven for freed slaves to escape racial violence after the end … Continue reading Mossville Film Review

The Condor and the Eagle Film Review

By Maddie Hellwig The Athena Cinema’s Fall Sustainability series kicked off on Sept. 9 with “The Condor and the Eagle,” directed by Clement and Sophie Guerra. It follows different Native American environmental activists on their journeys of connecting with other tribes and world leaders, all in an effort to preserve the environment and their homes from damaging oil companies. The film’s title is rooted in … Continue reading The Condor and the Eagle Film Review

What It Takes To Achieve Carbon Neutrality

By Elle Dickerman A typical summer morning on the Athens campus of Ohio University consists of warm sunshine, a few students making their way to class and the occasional runner enjoying the riverside bike path. But on June 23, 2015, a group of protestors gathered outside the Lausche Heating Plant west of campus with signs and passionate voices. The construction of a pipeline, which would … Continue reading What It Takes To Achieve Carbon Neutrality